Chapter 1 - The Audition

This Is Your Life - Finlay Hughes, Fay Orrick and Company 

From ‘The Battery’s Down’ Composed by Ryan Scott Oliver and Kirsten A. Guenther 

Portrait Of A Princess - Emily Rawlings and Company

From ‘Unwritten Songs’ Composed by Julie Atherton

The Recall -  'Maybe I Like It This Way' - Angel-Grace Rutherford 

 'I Can Cook Too' - Constance Russell 

Spring Awakening Medley - Fallon Sparks, Kizzie Ravera, Annalize Upton, Ella Sutton, Evie Wakley, Tyler Lydford, Lauren Jade Wild, Amelia Avila - Thomas, Luc Oratis, Angel-Grace Rutherford and Company 

From ‘Spring Awakening’ Composed by Duncan Sheik - Choreographed by Keryie Vickers

Run Freedom Run - Scott Mason-Cherry and Company 

From ‘Urinetown’ Composed by Mark Hollmann

Chapter 2 - The Process

Say Goodbye - Kizzie Ravera / Ella Sutton

From Still Dreaming Wide Awake by Scott Alan

Doubt - Shanelle Gauntlett, Josie Veysey & Evie Carter 

'We'll Be Fine' by Luz  Choreographed by Shanelle Gautlett

Reasons To Run -Fay Orrick, Angel-Grace Rutherford, Fallon Sparks, Scott Mason-Cherry, Finlay Hughes, Luc Oratis - Accompanied by Ella Sutton and Tyler Lydford 

From ‘Fugitive Songs’ Composed by Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen 

Chapter 3 - The Dream

Elton John Medley - Emily Rawlings, Constance Russell, Zoe Pointer, Fay Orrick, Annalize Upton, Finlay Hughes, Fallon Sparks and Company 

Composed by Elton John and Arranged by Ella Sutton - Choreographed by Chloe Richardson and Lauren Jade Wild

Diva's Lament - Abigail Dennis

From ‘Spamalot’ Composed by Eric Idle, John Du Prez, Neil Innes

Chapter 4 - Made For This!

Break From The Line - Ella Sutton, Fallon Sparks

‘Break From The Line’ Composed by Joey Contreras

Shine Like The Sun - Fay Orrick, Kizzie Ravera, Angel-Grace Rutherford and Company 

From ‘9 to 5’ Composed by Dolly Parton - Choreographed by Keryie Vickers

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