Abigail Dennis

Abigail has just graduated from the Musical Theatre course with a B.A.Hons degree at Northbrook. She has performed in productions at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton such as ‘Guys and Dolls’, and worked in Film/TV with the BBC and Sky in ‘World's Most Evil Killers’. Whilst training Abigail has taken on many leading roles including; Chutney Windham in ‘Legally Blonde’, Roz Keith in ‘9 to 5’ and Carrie in ‘Carrie the Musical’. Abigail intends to carry on her training with an MA in Musical Theatre next year.

Amelia Avila - Thomas

Amelia is in her final year at Northbrook College studying the musical theatre BA (Hons) degree course. Amelia has been in training since the age of 16 when she found her passion for performing. Since being at Northbrook, Amelia has had the opportunity to perform roles in musicals such as Brooke Wyndham in Legally Blonde, Norma in Carrie and Maria in 9-5 as well as perform in cabarets and choreographic shows as both a dancer and choreographer. Being at Northbrook Amelia has found herself in the position of being featured in music videos, commercials and a featured dancer in a BBC 2 special and recently has started training in skills like aerial hoop. On graduating from her degree course Amelia is now looking for representation to advance and move forwards to the next stage of her career within performing. 

Annalize Upton

Annalize has graduated from the Musical Theatre course at Northbrook College BA(Hons) . She has been in training since she was seventeen, with previous experience in Music Performance. During her adventures at Northbrook College, Annalize has gained credits in Ensemble and The Judge (Legally Blonde), Ensemble and cover Roz (9to5) and finally, Miss Gardener and understudy Carrie (Carrie The Musical). Annalize has also gained experience in modelling for photography and makeup degree students, alongside work with the BBC. Annalize has a keen interest in Script Writing and Directing her own original material and will be pursuing this next year. Annalize is excited to be joining the ‘Made for this tour’ in 2023.

Angel-Grace Rutherford

Angel is currently in her second year studying the BA musical theatre degree at Northbrook. Her credits during her training include featured vocalist and musical director for the 2022 Cabaret show, dancer and choreographer for the 2022 choreographic show, ensemble (9to5) and Norma/understudy Margaret white (Carrie). 

Connie Russell

Constance has recently graduated with a (BA Hons) degree in Musical Theatre at Northbrook. Over the course of their training they have performed in a variety of lead and ensemble roles, including: 'Rhoda' in A New Brain, 'Bridgette' in I Love You Because and 'Lead Dancer / U/S Eva' in Evita. Alongside this they have been a featured performer in touring Showcases in locations such as Eastbourne and Bognor Regis, Cabarets and Choreographic shows. They are currently seeking representation. 

Ella Sutton

Ella has recently graduated with a BA(hons) in Musical theatre. Throughout her training she has played roles such as: Mimi Schwinn ‘A new Brain’, Violet Newstead ‘9 to 5’, Carrie white ‘Carrie the musical’, and has featured in both cabarets and choreographic shows alongside filming with the BBC. She has also performed in a range of shows produced by Smithwright productions in venues across Worthing, Brighton and London. She has acted as assistant musical director for many shows throughout her training as well as assistant directing ‘Made for This!’ She is actively seeking musical theatre representation. 

Emily Rawlings

Emily is currently studying at Northbrook doing the BA (Hons) musical theatre. Her credits in training include Dancer and choreographer in the 2022 choreographic show, featured vocalist in the 2022 cabaret show, Doralee Rhodes ‘9to5’ and Eva Peròn ‘Evita’. 

Evie Carter

Evie is currently training for a BA(Hons) in Dance and Professional practice at Northbrook. Throughout her training, Evie has been in many shows such as 'Edward Scissor Hands', 'A Handmaid’s Tale' and 'Beyond the Secret World', as well as the lead role of the mime in their most recent show, 'Fortune Fantasia'

Evie Wakley

Evie is currently training on the BA (Hons) Musical Theatre Degree course at Northbrook. During her training she has Performed in the ‘2022 Choreographic Show’ as choreographer and dancer, a featured vocalist in the ‘2022 Cabaret Show’. She also featured in the Ensemble of ‘9 to 5 the Musical’ and Freida ‘Carrie the Musical’. Evie also has filmed with Channel 4 and most recently with the BBC. Evie is looking forward to continuing her training. 

Fallon Sparks

Fallon is in her graduating year of BA (hons) in Musical Theatre. During training she has played various roles such as Elle Woods ‘Legally Blonde’, Marcy Fitzwilliams ‘I Love you Because’ and Sue Snell ‘Carrie: The Musical’. Fallon has also acted as Assistant MD and arranged multiple trios and duets that have been used in cabarets and other performances. Fallon is currently seeking Musical Theatre representation. 

Fay Orrick

Fay has just graduated from a three year BA (Hons) Degree course in Musical Theatre at Northbrook. Whilst training, Fay has performed in roles such as Judy Bernely in ‘9 to 5’ and Chris Harginson in ‘Carrie the Musical’, as well as an array of cabarets, showcases, and dance pieces. She has also previously performed in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2018) and is now looking for agent representation. 

Finlay Hughes

Finlay has just completed the Ba (Hons) Musical Theatre Degree at Northbrook. While studying he has played roles such as: Roger in ‘A New Brain’, Austin in ‘I Love You Because’ and most recently Ché in ‘Evita’  for which he was also Assistant Director. Finlay has credits with Smithwright Productions which include ‘A night of ABBA’ and ‘A Night Of Musical Theatre’. Finlay has most recently filmed with the BBC for a new reality show due to air this summer.  

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Josie Veysey

Josie Veysey is currently training at Northbrook College. She has a background in musical theatre and  was a member of her college’s theatre company Classaction, where she took part in productions such as: Cabaret and Spring Awakening. She has experience acting in plays, including playing Kay in "Our Lady of Perpetual" Succour. Despite having passions in singing and acting, dance is her main focus. 

Kizzie Ravera

Kizzie has just graduated from Northbrook with a BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre. Throughout training her credits have included: Elle Woods ‘Legally Blonde’, Judy Bernley ‘9 to 5’, Eva Peron ‘Evita’. She has also featured as a lead vocalist in Cabarets and Musical Showcases and has most recently filmed for the BBC. Kizzie has taken on additional roles during her training such as Assistant Musical director. She is seeking representation to continue to work within the performance industry.

Lauren Jade Wild

Lauren has just graduated from Northbrook with a BA (Hons) in Musical Theatre.

During her training, Lauren has played roles such as Brigette in ‘I Love You Because’, Understudy Margot, Serena and Pilar in ‘Legally Blonde’ and Understudy Mistress in ‘Evita’.

Lauren has also acted as a choreographer and dance captain for ‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Evita’ and various choreographic shows and showcases as well as for a reality series with the BBC airing this summer.

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Luc Oratis

Luc is a recent graduate of Northbrook MET, graduating last summer with a First Class degree in Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre). Whilst studying he was lucky enough to play roles such as Warner in ‘Legally Blonde’, Sammy in ‘The Wedding Singer’,  Danny in ‘I Love You Because’, where he also helped by co-directing the musicals along side the tutor, performing in multiple choreography showcases and performing in the final year Northbrook Showcase for the three years he studied there. He also has performed with SmithWright Productions where he was a featured vocalist in the show ‘A Night of Musical Theatre’, along with filming a new reality tv show for the BBC due to air in the summer and he has just finished a run at Chichester Festival Theatre in ‘Assassins’. He is currently seeking Musical Theatre representation. 

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Scott Mason-Cherry

Scott has just graduated with a Musical Theatre BA(Hons) from Northbrook. Whilst training Scott has been lucky enough to play many roles including: Mr Bungee 'A New Brain', Jeff Bennett 'I Love You Because' and Augustine Magaldi 'Evita'. Alongside this he has Film and TV knowledge through being on sets such as 'Alex Rider' - ITV and is credited in 'How To Build A Girl' where he played Andy Bibby. Scott plans to continue performing and is seeking representation.

Shanelle Gauntlett

Shanelle is currently training on the Dance Degree course at Northbrook. She has trained in a variety of different dance styles to advanced levels. Her hard work has led her to opportunities like performing at London Palladium for Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday Celebration in front of the Queen, as well as performances with Mardi Gras at Royal Albert Hall, Sadlers Wells Theatre, and the Indigo at the O2. As a keen performer, she is constantly seeking out new opportunities.  

Tyler Lydford

Tyler is currently training in Musical Theatre at Northbrook. Whilst training Tyler has played Tommy Ross 'Carrie the musical', Danny 'I Love You Because' ,Beast 'Beauty and the Beast' and Jesus 'GodSpell'. Tyler has also appeared in 'Masters of the Air' for Apple TV and most recently has filmed for a reality series to be shown on the BBC this summer.  

Zoe Pointer

Zoe is in their graduating year of a BA(Hons) in Musical Theatre at Northbrook. Their credits in training include Paulette 'Legally Blonde' , Diana Bingley 'I Love You Because' and Sue Snell 'Carrie the Musical' , alongside performing in multiple cabaret and choreographic showcases. Zoe has enjoyed taking a look into directing and teaching throughout their time at Northbrook which is something they would like to delve into further in the future.

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